Dr. Traxon Rachell

Dr. Traxon Rachell is Principal Consultant for SteadyWater Training and Consulting, a firm committed to providing learning facilitation and interventions to increase employee engagement and improve organizational performance. Throughout his career Traxon has accumulate a diverse range of experiences. He blends experience in engineering, manufacturing management and education to provide a unique perspective to his clients. He is adept at partnering with cross functional teams at all levels of an organization to develop and implement effective objectives to improve productivity and performance.

Leading international development projects, facilitating strategic and project planning, developing targeted training and experiential learning as well as leading quality and process improvement have been part of his work.

Traxon earned the B.S. from Case Western Reserve University, the M.S. from the University of Virginia and the Ph.D. from the University of Colorado. He as lived and worked in Spain, The Neatherlands, Southern, Western and Eastern Africa as well as Central and South America.

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