Cheryl McMillan

As a Vistage Master Chair, Cheryl leads two full groups of non-competing business executives: one group of CEO's, Presidents and Business Owners, and one group of Senior Executives who report directly to them. In these peer groups, she facilitates the process of members challenging and giving each other honest, caring feedback. From this feedback, members not only see their current reaction patterns, they also receive multiple alternatives and perspectives. Between the monthly meetings, she provides executive coaching to her members. She has won over 19 top awards from Vistage, including Chair of the Year.

Her career includes several leadership positions ranging from a hands-on Manager to President and Board member. By leading difficult and complex projects, such as start-ups and mergers, she honed her unique combination of technical and people skills, and discovered her love for working with people to accomplish change. Others describe her as having an ability to uncover hidden issues and succinctly summarize their essence.

Other professional qualifications/certifications:

  • Masters in Management and Bachelor of Science of Accounting from The University of Akron.
  • CPA (retired)
  • Certified Professional and Teacher of the Enneagram in the Narrative System, the only personality system used for personal growth and development that identifies a person's core motivations.
  • Certified HeartMath coach.
  • Board Member of Mace International and Friends of the Summit (91.3).

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